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Illuminated Furniture

Chronology: January 2003 after 2 years independant prototyping with propreitary LED Display Lighting Techniques, Bright Co. finalise development of a new and totally original display lighting concept. February 2003, " Edge Light System vs 1" patents announced and applied for by Steve Kane:

"...we have developed a unique product innovation comprising a sandwich of composite LED light and a connection system to allow us to modify shape and stack light-laminate blocks...this unique product has secondary optics...it is produced by us in a manner to allow new light designs, like illuminated furniture, tables and shelves, in essence the product is effectively a maintenance-free blade of indestructable lighting"

March 2003: Edge Light System competition & new prototype design.

April 2003: The Italian design competion..
The competition was sponsored and judged by ADi- Association of Italian Design, OSRAM Lighting and Material X. The Jury Panel included Carlo Forcolini, president of the ADI {Association of Industrial Design} and industry professionals from leading Italian Lighting and design-house manufacturing organisations { Kartell, Artemide and Guzzini}

The Italian design competition named "New Material for Italian Design" was born with a main purpose from OSRAM Lighting and Material X. The purpose of the competition was to promote innovative new Light Design products for Italian Lighting & Furniture. Competitors where required to demonstrate an innovative product or product system that utilsed both Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.s) and Plastic.


"An Ultraslim LED EDGE LIGHT SYSTEM construction used to build slimline decorate lighting applications, illuminated furniture, indestrucable emergency guide lights and IP68 LED light fixtures for boats, yachts and decorative, waterproof marina lighting".

Competition Line Up.
Steve Kane, Bright Co's Edge Light System concept inventor employed Carlotta Rovente an Italian Art - graduate student to provide fully illustrated sketches of 7 Industrial Edge Light System design applications.

The competition included 150 industrial design entrants and 15 finalists projects to be showcased at EUROMOBIL (The Bi-annual Italian Furniture Show in Milan). The Compeition level was high and of the 149 Italian industrial design teams, Bright Co's was the only English competitor ;o)

April 21st 2003 -
The 1st place award for innovation was crowned by Bright Co's Edge Lighting System and Steve Kane eventually collected the 3000EURO prize award.

NeonGLOW Edge Lighting | The new way Forward:
The Original Edge Light System is now being further improved, modified and billed as "NeonGLOWtm" Laminates, now on design revision 3 a standard product will be commercially available in fixed-width shortly. For more information on our Edge Lighting Capabilities contact Bright Co. today.

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