RGB Luxeon Controllers & MultiChannel LED Color Controllers

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LED Light Control Solutions "Out-Of-The-Box"
LED Lighting Controllers from Bright Co. means you get both out-of-the-box or bespoke (advanced) LED Lighting Electronics.

Our specialised LED Lighting offering now offers customers with an increased range of standard PWM RGB Colour controllers. These cost-effective LED Light Control Products (some shown below) add-value to your LED Lighting System, as they are used to perform LED both colour control ("led color mixing") and dimming very easily.

Our RGB LED Colour Controllers can be used with:

Luxeons, 350mA Power-LEDs, RGB LEDs, RGB LED Lighting Modules, LED Light Fixtures, multi-channel LED Lighting Configurations.

When you require any more information, pricing or technical,
project assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bright Co. 27 Channel DMX LED Colour Controller:
Part No: BCRGB-DMX|A27.

Most Advanced LED Light Control System.
Bright Co. DMX|A27.

dmx led light controller

More Channels than most - DMX|A27 LED Dimmer!

Designed by Bright Co's LED Lighting Engineering Team, the DMX27
LED Light Controller features DMX and RS232 Interfaces.

The DMX-27 board is a 27 channel dimmer system designed to control LED lighting systems comprising either nine RGB or 27 separate single colour systems, giving up to a total of 27 individual colour channels. Lower numbers of output channels can be provided at a discount price.

There are 2 interfaces available on the system to allow a wide range of end user applications. These interfaces are selected using the on-board dip switches: USITT DMX512 / 1990 (4µSec) This is an industry standard interface used widely for the control of lighting dimmers. The DMX-27 board is also capable of handling the older version of DMX512 having a 4µ Second ‘Mark After Break’ with no change of setting. Using dip switches, the user can select a start address anywhere between 0 and 511. The user is also able to terminate the DMX512 chain by simply flicking a dip switch – no need for a terminator plug.

The integral DMX512 interface includes isolation from the rest of the circuit and mains earth to avoid earth problems. RS232 Interface This interface can connect directly to a PC or MAC computer with an RS232 (serial) port. All the functions DMX can offer are available through this interface along with a few extras. This allows for custom PC or MAC software to be written to perform the required functions, without the expense of a DMX controller.

Bright Co. Part No. BC|RGB|C234:15

RGB LED Controller: LED Dimming & Sequencing

for all types of 350mA Power-LEDs,
Luxeons, SMD, Piranha and Radial LED Packages.

"Professional" LED RGB Colour Controller.
Available in two versions for driving Power-LEDs (like Luxeons) at constant, 350mA current or, Tension-Supplied multi-chip LED Circuits driven at 24V.

Simple colour mixing acheived via micro-switches (IR remote-control also possible). 3 colour programmes selectable by dedicated push button, power off memory also for mains-voltage interuption. 350mA Version Drives 5 Power-LEDs per channel or total of 15 LEDs across all 3 RGB channels. Both versions can be connected in Master-Slave configuration to control more LEDs.

BCRGB|234:15 controllers require a seperate 24V Power Supply- supplied if required.

Bright Co. RGB - Part No: BCRGB|131:30.

RGB LED Controller for Luxeons

PowerLED PWM LEDController

Apologies for the picture quality (we will update shorlty)

Cost-effective and patented one button RGB light control technology. East to use RGB PWM LED Lighting Converter for driving
up to 30 PowerLEDs or Ten 1WLeds on three seperate channels.
LEDs driven at continuos 350mA current. Excellent mains-driven
design means no additional power suppiles are required. Basic
sequencing and manual colour stops acheived by attaching a switch-button interface.

With up to 7 of these RGB Boxes connected in parallel (master-slave configuration) you can drive a total maximum of 210 Luxeon
or 350mA Power-LEDs (e.g. 1 RGB master, 6 RGB slaves).

Dimming, basic sequencing and subsequent colour/color control
of RGB (Red Green Blue) and other 3 Channel LED Lighting via
simple button-switch control.

Dimensions: 148x76x30mm
Weight: 160g

> Independant Converter - IP40 - Insulation class II.
> Mains Input Voltage 190VAC - 265VAC
> Continuos Output Current: 350mA +- 0..0.5%
> Light Control - On, off and dimming by one or more buttons.
> Suitable for supplying 1WLuxeon and other PowerLEDs at 350mA.
> Connection in Series.
> Self-Resetting protection against- temperature, open circuit and output short circuits.

Bright Co. W.A.L.L. Controller:
Model No: BCWALL-007.

Photo on request.

Professional LED Lighting Controller with connection interface RS485 IN and RS485Out for networkable applications of Bright Co. W.A.L.L. (Wide Area LED Lighting).

As standard sold as 3 & 4 Channel Versions: RGB or RGBW Configuration. Initially supplied and designed for Quadrox VS 1, BUT now controls all Leading Bright Co. approved LED Lighting Configurations including Lumileds Luxeon and OSRAM Linear LED.

Standard programme for speed, sequencing, colour mixing- controlled by external hardware (potentiometres or buttons) or software. LED Light Control programming adaptable to customer requirements.

Supplied as Electronics or Bright Co. Engineered Solution Only.
FR4 PCB populated with Quality Components & Connectors.
Manufactured in Europe to ISO 9001.

Our LED Lighting Controllers are being increasingly specified for all types LED Lighting Projects where; LED colour dimming and special LED colour programming is demanded.

We design and develop lighting applications with LEDs. All this is now possible with Bright Co:
lluminated Furniture Design. Electronics & Display Engineering. Material Decoration, Material Marking and Industrial Designs. Edge Lit Signs and Edge Lit Plastic, 3D-4D Edge Lighting. Slimline Lighting with LEDs, Specialist Light Designs for interiors and exteriors. Ultraslim Sign Lighting, Display Lighting, Neon Replacement, Sign Designs & Sign Channel Letter Lighting. LED Light Fixtures with RGB Light Controllers, dimming systems and Luxeon LED Drivers, advanced PC Driven LED Light Control Protocols, High Performance Display Lighting Technology. Industry Standard DMX Light Controllers for LEDs..