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Bright Co. | World leading pioneers of LED edge lighting.

LED Lights Fixtures & IP68 Lamps
There are now plenty of reasons and benefits which mean lighting specifiers are selecting LED Lighting as the way forward.

Bright Co. design, develop, adapt and supply the latest LED Lighting Technology

> LEDs make for brighter lighters.
>There is an array of documented benefits on LED Lighting.
>There are new design advantages and rapid advances with LEDs.
> LEDs can be installed into harsh environments and, go underwater.

Today, our new LED Light Fixtures selection gives people, led light designers, architects, display designers and lighting professionals a way to spot the some of the latest Lighting trends.

Below, is a small selection of the LED Lighting Fixtures we supply -
When you require any more information, product selections, pricing
or technical, project assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bright Co. 15 Degree POWER-LED Light Fitting.

LED Light Fixture
15 degree Power-LED, drill-hole diameter 25mm, min depth required 17mm.

LED Minispot providing with 23.5 Lumens of White Light at source with 15 degree high performance optics delivering:
250Lux at 1metre across 25cm light-cone radius.
65Lux at 2metres across 55cm light-cone radius.

Bright Co. RGB LED Light Fixture

LED Light Fixture RGB
A brilliant comprimise of LED Lighting performance and function.
Offers Colour-changing LED Light Design Opportunities with varying LED lenses and tri-colour Red-Green-Blie SMD 1 Watt LEDs.

45degree LED LENS with White / Full Power Delivers:
30 Lux at 1metre across 85cm light-cone radius.
30degree LED LENS with White / Full Power Delivers
210 Lux at 1metre across 55cm radius.
6degree LED LENS with White / Full Power Delivers
710 Lux at 1metre across 10cm radius

[ interesting - we can also supply the LED lenses themselves].

Bright Co. IP68 Monochromatic TriLED Light Fixture.

LED Light Fixture Monochromatic
Submersion-Proof IP68 Triple Power-LED, drill-hole diameter 45mm, min depth required +- 30mm.

Wide Angle LED Minispot with 33mm threaded body. Provided
with 3 x 23.5 Lumens of 110degree White Light at source. Delivers:
75 Lux at 1metre across 140cm light-cone radius.
4.5 Lux at 2metres across 570cm light-cone radius.

Bright Co. | Fibre-Professional LED Light Injector.

LED Light Fixture for Fibre Optic
SMD-Power LED Light fixture designed to accept 6mm Fibre-Optic.
20cm connecting cables, threaded body M16x1.5. This product should be featured in a Bright co. design project soon.

Bright Co. L.L.D.T - "LED Light Designers Toilette'"

IP68 LED Light Fixture
Looks like the culprit for an iMAC® punt with design-LED
toilet lighting, BUT, is in fact, a high performance, submersion Proof IP68 Power-LED great for your underwater LED lighting projects - boats, yachts - Fish tank lighting, etc etc!

Wide Angle 110degree LED Minispot with SMD 1Watt LED.
31mm diameter. Threaded hole for M5 screw. White delivers:
25 Lux at 1metre across 140cm radius.
1.5 Lux at 2metres across 570cm radius.

Our LED Lights are being increasingly specified for all types LED Lighting Projects where; LED Lighting Technology Advantages
are required.

Many More and even brighter LED Lighting products will appear here
in the future.

We design and develop lighting applications with LEDs. All this is now possible with Bright Co:
lluminated Furniture Design. Electronics & Display Engineering. Material Decoration, Material Marking and Industrial Designs. Edge Lit Signs and Edge Lit Plastic, 3D-4D Edge Lighting. Slimline Lighting with LEDs, Specialist Light Designs for interiors and exteriors. Ultraslim Sign Lighting, Display Lighting, Neon Replacement, Sign Designs & Sign Channel Letter Lighting. LED Light Fixtures with RGB Light Controllers, dimming systems and Luxeon LED Drivers, advanced PC Driven LED Light Control Protocols, High Performance Display Lighting Technology. Industry Standard DMX Light Controllers for LEDs..