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Bright Co. | World leading pioneers of LED edge lighting.

Fast & Furious WALLS of Light
September 2004

When Bright Co. was asked to radically redesign a
retro 1970's Ceiling Light Design for a Floating Italian Nightclub
Interior (Boat) with a two week deadline...This is what happened.

retro illumination of a nightclub ceiling with 3W Osram Bulbs


The Leading Edge Lighting Company.
Herewith an real LED Light Design account. A design & build story all about one of the world's most upfront, dynamic, pioneering and technically-creative LED Lighting Installations.

By taking on this interior lighting project Bright Co. had to meet a very tight budget and two week installation-deadline. Moreover, we also required a bit of luck on our side- So, the demolition, preparation and re-surfacing of the old mirrored ceiling was agreed (from the outset) to be completed by our client.

DAY 1. Bright Co. developed, costed and presented a hybrid LED lighting proposal to edge light and down light the above shown 20 year-old stairway to disco. We set out to display the latest in decorative and functional interior LED lighting. What we proposed is this:

A bespoke slimline illuminated ceiling with a newly conceived W.A.L.L™ Lighting System to give nightclub visitors a brilliant, new lighting experience.

[ W.A.L.L. - Wide Area LED Lighting ]

Day 2 - Day 3
Bright Co.started to focus and plan the fast-trak project management of the LED Edge light design, electronics, display production and lighting installation.

Day 4- The rapid efficiency and enthusiasm of our Italian client suprised us and we was presented with a new totally flat, pre-prepared carte-blanche ceiling canvas for us to measure-up.

Day 5 Bright Co. presented a hybrid prototype Lite Panel for client approval, with two further on-site meetings in the same day we was almost ready to go straight into production mode...

To install the WALL of led light - Bright Co. used it's original, award-winning Edge Lighting technique and complimented this with some new additions;

> A new, high performance edge lighting matrix
> Bespoke-designed "space-age" downlighters.

Day 6 | Problem Solving
The biggest problem we had to solve on this LED Lighting Project was;

1. Our WALL led light design was finalised to keep a continous and centrally aligned lighting feature BUT the ceiling was sloped, angled and instepped... PROBLEMS SOLVED: To guarantee an equidistant and consistent linear light design, Bright Co. produced all edge lighting panels at equal modular sizes and then cut and shaped the last two of our panels onsite around the narrower and angled stairway/wall.

2. LED Wiring & LED Interconnections- More of this fun: Day 9 & 10.

Production day 7
Now totally commited to finishing this project, the whole superflat ceiling structure comprising of: edge lighting plastic, light fixtures, joining and fixing was fabricated and assembled in one of the most demanding and longest working days of our lives.

The aluminium RGB Light panel structure and "Light Pods" where made in aluminium and finally surface-treated with a circular disc to create that "industrial metalic look".

Day 8 - Design-Assembling the LED Light Pods
As the entire ceiling design has to give that ultra-modern and different "space-age" look, Bright Co. opted-out of using standard pure white* Power-LED downlight fixtures. Instead we custom-designed 7 ultraslim RGB Power-LED Downlighters. These tri-colour RGB* Light Pod Clusters where cunningly simple and had no additional optics. In the end the PODS proved bright enough to illuminate the entire stairway evenly and safely - even when the LED edge lighting channel was switched off.

* Red-Green-Blue LED light at full power can deliver acceptable
white light for most lighting applications.

Bright Co's Hybrid & Slimline RGB LED Lite Tiles
Travelled in and out of production according to the plan.

RGB LED Light Tile Design by Steve Kane 2004

The overal depth of the illuminated ceiling modules including all aluminium profiles
and concealed wiring was just 20mm.

Day 9: Multi-Channel LED Light Control Test
The RGB LED Controllers got connected to one of the completed RGB Lite Tile Ceiling Segments. Bright Co. ended up specifying: 2 x 3-channel RGB Lighting Controllers configured in a way that allowed the RGB downlighters and RGB edge lit ceiling tiles to be seperately and simultaneously addressable. The PWM LED Controllers provided the customer with a simple user interface to control the LED-lit ceiling like this:

1. Both Channels On or | Downlighting Only | Edge Lighting Only
2. Manual selection of RGB LED Channel Colours | Dimming.
3. Automatic RGB Colour Change Cycle (+- 1million LED Hues).
4. Full brightness e.g. White Light On.

Day 9 - 10 On site Installation:
Slimline Light Design - Hard Wiring
With space at a real premium and, to avoid any impossible last-minute engineering to source or develop the world's slimmest LED connectors, we soldered and isolated all LED Channel inter-connections on site and in situ. The stairway ceiling tiles and LED wiring installation was completed down-upwards. There was infact quite a few LEDs in the edge light ceiling tiles and, in total we completed over 200 inter-connections for all the LED Control Lines.

End of Play | Day 10 | Late PM | The Fast-Trak Lighting Result!
In just two working weeks from start to finish, on time and to budget Bright Co. completed, the design-development, production, electronic light control and installation of this whole project.
In just 2 days on-site we had installed our totally modern looking
and new Hyrbid W.A.L.L.™ of light.

3 metre x 1 metre colour-changing led illuminated ceiling that is
modular, slimline and brilliant. Serious WOW Factor!

Date of Completion of
10th September 2004

The LED Illuminated Nightclub Ceiling  by Bright Co.

Bright Co. are now capable to bring you more
directional LED Lighting combined with radical Edge Lighting
to illuminate even Larger areas....

Couple more photos of our W.A.L.L.
Hybrid RGB LED Controlled ceiling installation
can be viewed by clicking | here.

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