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Bright Co. | World leading pioneers of LED edge lighting.

Cutting Edge Lighting Effect for a New Dimension

Here today Bright Co. preview their amazing V.O.F.Light Designs
and define exactl
y what what QUADROX|Q4D™ is at the same time.

Bright Co. introduce three "max-headroom" lighting technology brands:

, Q4D and V.O.F..

Technology Summary:
> Quadrox
is a patently different light tile construction.

> Q4D
is our very special edge lighting material that offers
new light design applications.

> Quadrox-Q4D
is a light tile construction with a new edge lighting
plastic and propreitary LED Lighting that, combined,
4D V.O.F. Lighting {"Visual Optical Effect"}

Bright Co. innovation primer by Enrico Rossi.
"When we designed our original "Q4 Lite Tile" in November 2002 we used a 4 Channel [RGBW] LED Light Controller and expected interesting results. However, we had no idea the Q4 design project would lead us into the market with a new edge lighting plastic and a "Generation X Light Picture". Today, QUADROX-Q4D
shows people and lighting professionals that Bright Co. engineering and light control materials can be combined to frame LED light Designs in very original ways.

LED Lighting Applications: The Q4D Edge Light System can be adapted for a wide variety of cutting-edge illuminated furniture applications, like:

> interior light designs
> illuminated pavement tiles
> lighting for shelves
> designer tables
> interior lighting
> architectonic light design
> ultra - slimline edge-lit displays
> ultra - colourful sign lighting

> animated nightclub dancefloors

1st Ever Pictures of:
With 4D | V.O.F Lighting Effects


Original QUADROX-Q4D RGBW Edge-Lit Tile
(Unfortunately with patent pending designs
we can't show you too much info on construction designs,
- Although a quick video stream is going to be
available for preview here VERY SHORTLY!).


Quadrox-Q4D by Bright Co. means customers get a great selection of the latest lighting effects - the only LED Light Tile product with a variable or moving lighting image of its type. It produces "holographic-style" lighting effects with unreal depth of view.

NEW Edge Lighting Plastic:
Quadrox-Q4D Lite Tile is built with Q4D plastic, a patent-pending high-performance injection molded, micro-prism lighting plastic (which is also UV stable).

Robust Design

QUADROX is a solid, robust and functional industrial light design. It allows customers to control their lighting by:

A. Changing the optical lighting effect & creating holographic moire.
B. Controlling the LED colour ramps, hues, speed of light animation.

Light Tile Description: QUADROX-Q4D (700x700)

QUADROX-Q4D is a limited edition, custom-configured light tile
sized 700x700mm x 30mm. It is customised-to-order in the widest selection of led lighting & material options. This design features
the latest electronics and high performance display-construction materials.

> 500x500mm light display area.

> Total LED Lumen Input: +-400 Lumens (or as much as you can afford). Entry LEVEL Configuration 200Lumens.

> Overal Dimensions: w: 700mm - h: 700mm - d: 30mm.

> Weight: 10 - 17Kilos (depending on material thickness & type)

> Worldwide Packaging Dimensions: 900x900x50mm.

> Total Shipment Weight 20-27Kilos.

> Materials Options For Light Frame:
All-Aluminium, Reynobond, Stainless Steel,
Brass, Wood and Plastic on request.

Reccomended in Light Weight Aluminium or Reynobond Version- finished in an Anodization, RAL/BS Colour or Finish of your choice.

Power Consumption: Depending on LED Configuration.

Extras Included: Operational Instructions (plug in and play),
5 Year Guarantee on workmanship. Any required fixings, light control electronics. 5 year warranty for "Always-on" LED lighting.

The electronic control options we would like specialist lighting buyers and light-design collectors of QUADROX-Q4D to consider are:

A. COLORMIX™ 4 Channel
W.A.L.L.™ RGBW PWM LED Light Controllers.
With RS485In - RS485 Out - to interface, drive and control multiple Lite Tiles across Wide Area LED Lighting Installations.

B. Multi Channel DMX LED Light Controllers
For advanced installations we offer Industry Standard Light Protocols - supplying an advanced yet affordable 9xRGB (27 Individual channels) DMX LED Light Controller.

brings original lighting effects.

Price Indications are on a project by project basis only. No timewasters.

UK£ £P.O.A

Now Available Wholesale: Q4D EDGE Lighting Substrate.

On this page we have tried to display and explain how we stumbled across a 3D Lighting Effect which actually takes solid-state LED Edge light design into a new era of lighting brilliance. However,

QUADROX needs to be seen to be believed!

We design and develop lighting applications with LEDs. All this is now possible with Bright Co:
lluminated Furniture Design. Electronics & Display Engineering. Material Decoration, Material Marking and Industrial Designs. Edge Lit Signs and Edge Lit Plastic, 3D-4D Edge Lighting. Slimline Lighting with LEDs, Specialist Light Designs for interiors and exteriors. Ultraslim Sign Lighting, Display Lighting, Neon Replacement, Sign Designs & Sign Channel Letter Lighting. LED Light Fixtures with RGB Light Controllers, dimming systems and Luxeon LED Drivers, advanced PC Driven LED Light Control Protocols, High Performance Display Lighting Technology. Industry Standard DMX Light Controllers for LEDs..