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Illumination Objective:
Bright Co. engineers will lead by developing the cutting-edge ways to make LED Lighting more slimline, affordable and, ultimately simpler.

Display Lighting Specialists:
Bright Co. design & develop specialist Edge-Lit and Retro-Lit Illuminated Furniture. We create light designs with original Visual Lighting Effects, and manufacture Industrial Lighting Products that use high performance technology materials & LED efficiency. We also design slimline illuminated signs and display lighting products.
> Specialist LED Illumination
> LED Electronic Light Control
> LED Edge Lighting
> Designer Edge-Lit Displays
Last Minute News Updates
on July 31st 2005:

Our "new" "betamax" led lighting website is almost going to be completely revamped!? For now, simply click any underlined green link featured on this page to enter the "old".

"NEW": Illuminated Product Displays (wait till you see the next phase...):
Targachrome Illuminated Mirrors
Brite-FIX™ boxed Edge-Lit Signs
RGB LED Colour Controllers

Advanced LED Lighting 100% Easy
As part of a product division and a new quest to standardise our advanced DMX Light Controll technology. Bright Co. electronics engineers are going to totally re-design and re-define the way their advanced LED Light Controllers are sold. Shortly we will be launching a new LED Components brand called, MEGALED.com ............NEWS................SIGN LED LIGHTING PROJECT Bright Co. have landed a large investment from a Canadian Sign company to develop the world's slimmest, most affordable illuminated channel letters. This may be big news to the neon industry...

Edge Lit Displays in
Plastic & Glass


edge lit plastic

Bright Co. lead the way with edge lighting and offer Brite-FIX illuminated signs
and a wealth of other edge-lit decorative lighting effects...Edge Lit signs used in the best illuminated hotel signs, interiors. Illuminated menu's for restaurants...

more on edge lighting furniture with Brite-FIX™ here >>..

BrightCo. now have a new website showcasing our superthin illuminated signs
and LED Sign Designs. If your interested  edge lit signs, please go to our illuminated sign shop 

Decorative Lighting For Interiors.

Light Art Design with concentric LEDs.

Bright Co. specialist LED Light Designs now considered as collectible works of illuminated Light Art.

Bright Co. use the latest LEDs and develop complete LED Lighting solutions using a variety of lighting techniques to cover many light design applications.

> Edge Lighting
> Directional Lighting
> Display Lighting
> Decorative Interior Lighting
> Exterior Lighting
> Waterproof IP68 LED Lighting.

Why not Call Bright Co. to discuss the purchase of a special light design?


NEW: LED Lighting Products

LED Lighting Fixtures. LED Optics.

LED Lighting Fixtures
Top 5 Selection of our
High Power LED Lighting Fixtures

Bright Co. are now responsible for fueling the promotion of LED Lighting with the CORRECT selection of designer LED Lighting Fixture Types and LED Lighting Component Solutions. We specialise in designing LED Lighting Packages for industrial, boat, yacht, automotive and slimline sign display illumination applications. The LED Lighting Component section of our website provides a quick overview of our high quality LED Lighting Fixtures, LED Luxeon Drivers, RGB LED Light Controllers and some Bespoke Electronics including
DMX-PWM LED Light Engines.

RGB & Other LED Light Fixtures which can replace halogens

Slimline Sign Lighting
with LEDs

Sign-LED™ Lighting
Illuminated Channel Letters.

Illuminated Projection Sign designed by Steve Kane for Pret-A-Manget Covent, Garden, London. 2001 $K all rights reserved.

Retail Sign Designers can take note:

> Ultraslim LED channel letters now illuminated with:

> Letter Depths from 10mm depth
> Letter Stroke Widths from 5mm
> Highest Light Output
> Reduced cost of ownership
> Rapid Assembly
> Neon Killer.

Bright Co's pedigree in new material technology and light design started with sign-display manufacturing back in 1996. Sign-LED is a very unique and specialised display & lighting solution suited for prestigious retail & leisure sign lighting projects where slimline is our de-facto standard and your clients "image" is everything.

>>more on LED Illuminated channel letters & Sign-LED here.


LATEST Light Designs

W.A.L.L.™ LED Edge Lighting Project

RGB LED Lite Tiles - hybrid edge-lit & direct illumination!

W.A.L.L™ The World's 1st
Hybrid Edge-Lit and Down-Lit
LED Illuminated Ceiling Tile Project...Recently installed Into Floating Boat Nightclub in Italy.

With W.A.L.L™ Bright Co's original lighting concept illuminates a nightclub ceiling. Bright Co. describe how they turned a edge lighting concept innovation into a groundbreaking and fully functioning hybrid light design installation
in just 2 hectic weeks.

More on the W.A.L.L.™ LED Edge Lighting System

LED Drivers, Luxeon Drivers, LED Dimmers.

LED Drivers for Luxeon and Others

Coming Soon:
Our best selection, reviews and evaluation of Luxeon and Power-LED constant current LED Drivers.

RGB Controllers,
Bespoke DMX LED Light Engines.

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